Cannabis Film Festival, the Oscars of Marijuana Related Cinema

  • California hosted the first edition of the festival that served as a meeting point for people who love cannabis and cinema. Those attending were able to enjoy three films where marijuana has a starring role.

If you love to enjoy the Seventh Art and cannabis at the same time, the Cannabis Film Festival will be your favourite film festival. To have enjoyed the action live, you would have needed to go to Garberville (California), where this event, unique worldwide according to its organisers, took place just a few days ago. The festival was devised with the aim of raising awareness about the implications of the marijuana industry through cinema. 

Those at the festival were able to enjoy the documentary 'Tricky Bidness', that tells the story of how a city in California, Arcata, has become the centre of the marijuana black market.

Also on screens was 'Rolling with the kings', a film that weaves different scenes around a central thematic thread: all of the scenes show somebody rolling a marijuana joint with a lot of dedication. It is a real tribute to the art of smoking.

'Midnight Delight', a film written and directed by the American, Rohit Gupta, who is originally from Bombay, was the third show that could be enjoyed at the festival. It revolves around various people who are smoking cannabis in a salon, as they exchange opinions about the experience. It was crowned best film at the festival. 

The event was a complete success in terms of participation according to its organisers, and it acted as a place where cannabis fans could meet with like-minded people. That is why it has already been announced that next year, the second edition of the festival will once again take place in California.


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