The First Cannabis Entrepreneur to Appear on Forbes' List of Young Multimillionaires

  • He is 25 years old and the co-founder of LeafLink, a platform designed to make life easier for cannabis buyers and sellers. He believes that his example is proof of the importance that the new sector has acquired and that companies such as his can compete with any other without complications.

Aged 25, Ryan Smith already appears in Forbes as one of the luckiest people under-30 on the world stage (at least this year). His case is special: he is not just any multimillionaire business person, as his short professional career is linked to the world of cannabis, making him the first young person in the sector to appear on this influential list.

Smith is the co-founder of LeafLink, a platform that makes it possible to manage cannabis order for wholesalers and for retailers. It has also been thought up with the target of simplifying the normal tracking, processing and ordering process for cannabis. Its “software” aims to serve as a tool that can regulate, control and ensure compliance with all of the industry’s requirements. According to Forbes, his company could become a universally accepted medium for buyers and sellers of the plant.

Smith believes that his examples only serve as proof of the fact that the legal industry is holding up well and growing rapidly. He knows that the sector is becoming increasingly important and that new and good investors have emerged that are interested in him, encouraged by the legalisation processes expected in 2016.

“Being included in Forbes is a personal honour, but it also goes to show how companies linked to cannabis and technology are competing on the same level as other innovative start-ups”, he says, while also explaining that there are an increasing number of companies that are working to find a niche in this constantly evolving market. This requires their leaders to have a good knowledge of the community, its needs and the obstacles that they must face.


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