Fast Food Lovers? It Is a Myth: Cannabis Consumers Are Less at Risk from Obesity

  • A study from the University of Quebec has found that people who regularly smoke marijuana have a lower body mass index, and are also less likely to develop diabetes. These scientific results benefit those who defend the plant’s medicinal properties.

It is usually said that cannabis consumers love fast food. People say unhealthy food such as hamburgers, pizzas, processed meat and fried dishes condition the health of marijuana users. However, it seems that this idea is simply a myth, a preconception that from now onwards may begin to disappear from collective thinking.

At least this is what a study from the University of Quebec has found. A group of researchers examined 786 adults aged between 18 and 74 years old, some of whom were regular cannabis consumers and others who were not. The professionals measured the body mass index of the participants and discovered that the average for regular marijuana consumers was 26.8 as opposed to 28.6 for those who did not consume. Also, the first group had never consumed tobacco or had given it up.

They also discovered that cannabis lovers have less risk of developing diabetes, the participants created less insulin when fasting and had less resistance to it. The conclusions support the findings of a study published in 2013 by The American Journal of Medicine which showed that cannabis consumers had lower levels of insulin than others. That report suggested that cannabis could play an important role when it comes to controlling diabetes.

The researchers from the study in Quebec believe that cannabinoids can be viewed as an interesting element for research into obesity and its related problems. The findings can also be used to encourage activists that regularly defend the medicinal properties of cannabinoids, and to strengthen the movement in support of legalisation. The scientific results help to get rid of preconceptions and make progress.


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