Can Beer Smell like Marijuana? Ultimately, They Are First Cousins…

  • The American bar Oskar Blues, that offers its own varieties, has just launched Pinner, a new drink that smells like marijuana. Its name is an allusion to the English word for the smallest cigarettes that have a low cannabis content.

Dale Katechis opened the first bar of the Oskar Blues beer chain back in 1997. Now, he has various cult bars for beer fans and even offers his own varieties of beer that are sold throughout the country. There is a secret ingredient to his success: according to the entrepreneur, the smell of the beer (at least his beer) is very reminiscent of marijuana.

"Hops and their aroma have always reminded people of cannabis”, states Katechis, who has decided to launch a beer that is a tribute to marijuana. He has called it Pinner, an English term that is used to refer to the smallest and thinnest cigarettes that have a low cannabis content.

Although the new beer does not contain marijuana, for Katechis, the nickname was a form of word play. “When we were growing up, ‘pinners’ were small joints. So, when a beer with a low alcohol content comes out and we associate it with the aroma and characteristics of cannabis, then the name makes sense”.

Therefore, Katechis decided to market this new variety of beer that does not make you drunk immediately, in order to allow clients to enjoy the taste and aroma that are similar to marijuana. Remember, marijuana is already legal in Colorado. At the moment, Pinner can be bought in some stores both in Colorado and North Carolina, although the creators believe that it will be available in 41 states by March.

“Whether you view the legalization of marijuana as a positive or negative measure, it is an absolutely definitive part of culture in Colorado”, affirms Katechis. “As with alcohol, when consumed in moderation, there are reasons why marijuana should be legal”.

At the moment, it seems that Pinner is having great success: Oskar Blues has encouraged its followers to put up photos on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #pinneripa and fans of the drink are sharing their images with the fashionable cannabis beer.


Information taken from The cannabist and Oskar Blues Brewery


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