The best outdoor strains of 2020

  • The outdoor season has already started! This year, more than ever, it’s vital to choose the right strains to stock up your larder for the winter.
  • If you don’t know which genetics to choose, you’ll find our recommendations here to help you fill your garden with the most select flavours.

It's time to plant! Temperatures have risen and growers are busy filling their gardens with the strains that will provide them with great amounts of cannabis come the end of summer. It's normal to feel overwhelmed by today's extensive offer of cannabis strains, so that's why we've decided to write this post to tell you about our favourite genetics for this outdoor season, and to explain the reasons why we've chosen them. On this occasion we're paying tribute to flavour, which is undoubtedly one of our favourite cannabis traits.

This variety has been designed for gourmet growers looking for the best Cali flavour in the shortest possible time. If you live in a northern area with short summers, this is definitely a strong candidate for you. Quick Kush is a feminised strain derived from the cross of our OG Kush elite clone and a selected male from our OG Kush Auto elite line. The result is a faster OG Kush with the same taste that made her predecessor a worldwide celebrity. An odd mix of oily and lemony scents with smoky undertones that has already captivated millions of cannabis lovers and still surprises whoever tries this strain for the first time.

Quick Kush's main advantage

This strain greatly speeds up the growing cycle of the classic OG Kush. While the Cali queen flowers in 55-63 days, this Quick version is ready in just 49-56 days. And as she's NOT an autoflower, you can still play with trimming techniques and longer vegetative periods to obtain real trees as productive as her parents: you'll get the same yields but in a shorter time. She'll be ready for harvest by mid-September, which makes this plant perfect for growers in areas with early autumn rains.

Outdoor growing tips

This strain is really easy to grow, so you'll be obtaining top-quality crops without too much effort. This plant requires a moderate fertilisation regime and thrives in warm and dry climates.

Quick Kush

Quick Seeds

Orange Juice: the strain for those who think they've already tried it all

This sativa-dominant hybrid is one of the most refreshing cannabis strains in our catalogue and exhibits one of the most unique flavours we've ever tried. With this Tangie x Tangie cross, our breeders focused on obtaining the largest terpene load possible in order to surprise experienced users looking for new sensations. The result is a spectacular variety with spiky buds that give off a ground-breaking tangerine aroma never smelt before on a cannabis plant.

Orange Juice's main advantage

Orange Juice releases an unprecedented refreshing aroma with a high terpene load. This plant tastes of sweet orange and tangerine; a breath of fresh air for seasoned users that remains in your mouth for a really long time. A heavy yielder with an intense aroma that makes this strain ideal for extractions of any kind: dry-sift hash, Rosin, bubble hash, BHO, RSO, etc.

Outdoor growing tips

Despite being sativa-leaning, Orange Juice is not too greedy. With a standard fertilisation regime this plant will produce yields with an extraordinary aroma and flavour. However, you need to keep her size in mind: this strain exhibits strong vertical growth and also releases a powerful scent, so you'll need to choose a sheltered location outdoors as she's not one of our most discreet Dinagirls.

Orange Juice

Feminised Seeds

Cookies Auto: the quickest way to grow the most sought-after US scent

We couldn't close this post without recommending an autoflowering. This type of strain is becoming increasingly popular amongst outdoor growers because you can grow several crops within the same season and they also resist pests and fungi better than other strains. For this 2020 outdoor season we couldn't forget the most acclaimed US cookie in auto format: a strain that has inherited each and every one of the amazing traits of the world-renowned Girl Scout Cookies that's enhanced by the sturdiness and speed of OG Kush Auto. A highly recommended plant for outdoor grows in regions with short summers, where she'll be ready for harvest in just 75 days from germination.

Cookies Auto's main advantage

The main reason to find a place for this hybrid in your garden is her flavour. Kush is one of the aromas with most followers around the world, while the taste of Cookies Auto comprises that earthy and slightly zesty fragrance with new sweeter, pastry-like nuances. This has made cannabis fans go crazy for the Cookies genetics… that freshly-baked feel has given the traditional Kushy scent from California a very unique twist.

Outdoor growing tips

This strain's speed makes her ideal for northern climates with short summers, and she's a strong contender for reduced outdoor spaces thanks to her compact size. She requires an aerated substrate and a moderate fertilisation regime. Best to water lightly but frequently during the first 3 weeks of life as she's very sensitive to waterlogging. Otherwise she doesn't require much maintenance. As with all automatics, it's best not to transplant but to germinate the seed and then place the seedling in a pot where she'll spend her full life cycle. This plant is also sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, especially if the nights are extremely cold.

Cookies Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds


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