Why You Might Want to Add Some Tobacco Plants to Your Next Cannabis Crop

  • Although it might seem like a strange idea, they protect the plant that we so love from all kinds of insects and plant predators.
  • The expert Matrix Max offers some tips for both experienced growers and amateurs.
  • It is even possible to create a totally natural, homemade insecticide. 

We thought that tobacco and marijuana could have nothing in common, but we were wrong. Some believe that a combination of the two plants can play a key role in the healthy growth of cannabis. This relationship we are talking about has nothing to do with consumption, but rather with growth.

Matrix Max, with the Trichome Institute, explains in a video tutorial how he tends to grow his marijuana plants alongside some tobacco. What benefits does this have? Firstly, the latter acts as a kind of vacuum cleaner, because it is covered by a layer of trichomes and glands, almost like cannabis itself, with the difference that marijuana leaves are usually smaller than those on a tobacco plant.

That vacuum effect acts against threats. If you pick up a plant and take a look at its different parts up close, you will notice that it is covered with small insects (such as whiteflies). Tobacco plants' large leaves are a kind of a trap that lures prey with their nicotine, a substance that acts as a poison against parasites, ultimately killing them. Thus, placing pots of tobacco plants next to the crop we care about the most can make a big difference.

Max has another tip for growers: take the greenest tobacco leaves, put them in a blender, and add a little water to create a homemade and completely organic insecticide that can be sprayed on marijuana plants without doing any damage to them. These are just some of the tips that both experienced and novice growers should take note of.


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