Blue Cheese Auto Smoke Report: appearance, taste and effect

  • We love to see first-hand how growers deal with our strains. This is why we are always pleased to have your comments, grow reports and smoke reports.
  • This time we’re bringing you a smoke report on our Blue Cheese Auto by one of our collaborators, a medium-sized, hardy auto that punches above its weight with her delicious cheese and berries aroma. Enjoy!

This is my most recent grow & my first auto grow ever & I must say I am very pleased. I started 8 off under t5s for 1 week in small pots & then potted them in to 10l pots under a sun master 600w dual spectrum lamp. I used canna pro soil with 25% perlite, green planet nutes, bio silicone & superdrive. I had a few feeding issues but nothing detrimental.

I noticed two distinct pheno types:

  • Very indica dominant short, stocky, wide leaves & short intenodal spacing, smells more cheesy, much tighter bud formation.
  • Ruderails dominant, tall, skiny leaves, wider internodal spacing, smells like fresh blueberries more airy bud formation.

To be honest I am over the moon with the end result & I'm expecting at least 40g from each :-D

Appearance 9/10 :

Well I must say this Blue Cheese Auto can be compared to any main line strain with a very high calyx to leaf ratio, tight formation and long compact structure. The buds are covered in a sticky frosty trichome rich layer that shines like a disco ball. I have noticed a slight purple tinge if you catch it in the right light which is a very nice touch. This strain has excellent bag appeal if dried and manicured properly. Overall very impressive!!!

Smell 9/10 :

The overwhelming smell when opening a jar is blueberries very sweet like candy and then comes the musk of cheese, spicy, sweet and cheesy a great combination. It needs to be kept in an air tight container.

Taste: 10/10 :

On the inhale you receive a spicy blueberry flavor with a sweet and cheesy exhale with no catching in the throat, VERY smooth with the taste of blueberries lingering for a while after.

Effect 9/10 :

On the onset you feel the effects from the head down like melting butter a wave of relaxation that over comes the days stresses and worries leaving you completely relaxed but not incapable. As time goes on, you feel the effects enter the rest of your body relaxing every muscle down to your feet this strain is perfect for pain relief and anti anxiety. An indica dominant high but with no couch lock or anxiety PERFECT!

This strain has defiantly one of the best smells and tastes of any auto I've tried and will be in my arsenal for years to come. Thank you again Dinafem Team you are the masters.

By Luke W.

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