THCbd CBD puro variedades packaging

The Italian firm THCbd commercialises three new pure CBD Critical strains created by Dinafem Seeds

  • Critical Plus, Critical Kush and Sour Orange have finally brought new aromas and flavours to the Italian CBD scene (in full compliance with law 242/2016). For the first time ever, it is now possible to smoke flowers as thick, dense and aromatic as those of the legendary Critical +.
  • A long breeding process carried out by our team of breeders at Dinafem Seeds has culminated in the fixation of the characteristic Critical terpenes to a CBD strain with THC levels below 0.5%.
  • These new genetics have been grown at the Padova facilities of THCbd, one of Dinafem Seeds’ partners that has previously grown and commercialised Dinamed Kush. The Italian firm is now adding these three new strains to their cannabis light catalogue.
THCbd CBD puro variedades packaging

Critical Plus, Critical Kush and Sour Orange: three new strains that are now being incorporated into THCbd Italia's CBD bud catalogue. Don't let their names fool you, though, cos they're all pure CBD varieties. A long project in which the key objectives have been more than met. Here we describe what these plants are like, what they smell of, and what their pure CBD buds taste of… A Dinafem Seeds product that you can now purchase at THCbd Italia.



Critical Plus



One of the Critical strains commercialised by THCbd Italia that is so similar to the classic Critical + by Dinafem Seeds that you'll find it hard to tell them apart. Both the original Critical + and its pure CBD counterpart are characterised by the same vigour, growth pattern, and aroma. The only difference between them is that the THCbd flowers don't make you high, as opposed to the seeds from this variety that you can purchase on our website. The pure CBD version also produces those thick and compact buds that captivate all users.

The most significant feature of this new strain is that she's kept that unmistakable scent that drove cannabis users across the globe crazy three decades ago: a really deep aroma and flavour inherited from the original Skunk that revolutionised the cannabis market in the 1980s. When you sniff THCbd's Critical Plus flowers you're quickly invaded by that really deep and piercing indica aroma that never goes unnoticed.

This strain's terpene profile is dominated by myrcene and by pinene in its two isomers (α-pinene and β-pinene). In addition to their resounding aromatic qualities, reminiscent of the classic Skunk, these active principles also showcase great anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Critical Kush



The buds of Critical Kush look just like those of Critical +: they're dense and fleshy, and contain many flowers within themselves. But her smell is not something you'd normally expect as it's not a mix of Skunk and Kush aromas coming from both her predecessors, but rather a totally predominant Kushy scent.

In fact, the gas chromatography terpene analysis carried out at the Dinafem Seeds' labs confirmed this. Critical Kush's results were very similar to those of Dinamed Kush: really high beta-caryophyllene and limonene concentrations, perfectly combined with α-humulene and β-myrcene, amongst others.

Sour Orange



The flowers of Sour Orange are truly special. They showcase a completely different terpene profile: really fruity tones with clear notes of sour orange and ripe red grapes.

This variety showed typical Critical growth patterns while she was being cultivated in Padova: quick and vigorous, almost identical to Critical +. But her aroma was very different from the rest of her mates: much more fruity despite producing compact buds in the style of the Skunk strains, with lots of flowers growing tightly within the same bud. In addition, its colour was different too; she produced so many pistiles that the buds looked orange. A fact that is easily verified by opening a jar of Sour Orange sold by THCbd Italia.

Dinamed Kush



Dinamed Kush was the first pure CBD variety that reproduced the Kush aroma and flavour as though it were a THC strain. Her buds showcase very high concentrations of beta-caryophyllene and limonene, perfectly combined with linalool or beta-myrcene. This terpene mix bestows this plant with that deep and complex Kushy flavour.

The buds commercialised by THCbd Italia are really round, just like golf balls, and their weight and volume are something else… These flowers are especially dense, with bigger calyxes and with a feature that is commonly known in the USA as 'crowning'. This occurs when the already formed buds develop individual flowers, or calyxes, on top. As the buds are really round, with a remarkably flat top, when the calyxes appear around this summit, they make them look as if they are wearing crowns; hence their name.


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