The Enormous Health Benefits of Eating (or Drinking) Raw Cannabis

  • Over and above its medicinal and relaxing properties or how useful it is for stimulating one’s appetite, cannabis now also emerges as an important dietetic product which nutritionists claim we would do well to include in our meals..

There are an increasing number of researchers from various disciplines who are showing an interest in the properties of marijuana. Now, from the standpoint of nutrition, the plant, with its approximate 400 different chemical compounds, is said to be a good source of nutrients that should be part of our diet.

Marijuana is a plant that contains extremely high concentrations of cannabinoid acids. The best-known and best-studied are THCA and CBDA, which, following the decarboxylation process, become THC and CBD, the popular chemicals responsible for the plant’s psychoactive effects.

Both bring numerous benefits to those who use it for either medical or recreational purposes. Our organism, however, has its limits and can only handle small amounts of the acids they contain.

Given this, eating or drinking raw cannabis allows our bodies to process much higher amounts of THCA and CBDA without any problem. Once they are ingested, via our metabolism, we turn them into the nutrients we need.

Consuming these cannabinoid acids is important as it helps our cells to communicate with one another by means of the endocannabinoid system. Thus, the more we can consume, the easier it will be to prevent chronic illnesses stemming from endocannabinoid deficiencies, such as migraine or fibromyalgia, among others.

And if this is still not impressive enough, the high doses of CBDa and THCa present in raw cannabis can also be far more effective than its corresponding actives when it comes to making use of their anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic or anti-ischemic properties.

And finally, one should mention another element that is present in raw cannabis and also brings benefits to our diet, that is, terpenes. These essential oils are known to be responsible for giving the plant its taste and aroma. In combination with the cannabinoids, they cause nutritional properties to increase exponentially. The most common ones include linalool, which is anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-seizure; pinene, which is neuroprotective and limonene, which prevents gastrointestinal problems, stimulates the metabolism and reduces cholesterol.

In order to enjoy these nutritional qualities, we have various consumption methods at our disposal, the most common of which is by means of raw cannabis juices. Besides, we can also enrich the recipe with further ingredients to please our palate and make us enjoy a refreshing, flavourful drink with a high nutritional content.


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