The top 10 stoners among fictional characters

  • The stoner film genre has always been associated with comedy and has so generated astounding characters.

It has also taken from the buddy movie and the road movie genres. The main character, or characters, faces a great adventure that puts them to the test. The literal journey represents the cannabis journey the consumer starts from the moment he/she lights the THC until, beset by the munchies, he/she reaches the fridge.

In Dinafem, we have not only made ​​a compilation of these charismatic characters but, pulling from pothead psychoanalysis, we have assigned them a specific variety of marijuana. Will they manage to get to the fridge?

10. Saving Grace

Oh my God, what a ruckus the grandmas of 'Saving Grace' raise at the grocery store. The film tells the story of a widow, Grace, who inherited from her late husband a mansion and its respective debts. To get money, she transforms his orchid greenhouse into a marijuana plantation. We ignore if the two grandmothers in question have eaten a brownie space or have taken a hit, but their buzz is out of this world.

9. Mariano

'Año Mariano' (Marian Year) is a Spanish film in which the main character and great fictional stoner, Mariano, being drunk, crashes his car against a clandestine marijuana plantation that is about to be burned by the Civil Guard. The buzz he gets is so big that the next day a religious procession takes him for a saint. Mariano will require any Ganja influence possible to guide his faithful devotees to Paradise. Alone with Mary... Of course.

8. Ted

John, a lonely child from Boston, asks, as a Christmas wish, that his teddy bear Ted come to live. His wish comes true but Ted turns into anything but a good influence. 25 years later, the adorable teddy loves to drink profusely, smoke good pot and set up orgies. How he likes to hit bong during this film from American comedian Seth MacFarlane! (Family Guy, American Dad ...).

7. Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

'Harold & Kumar' opens the door to our list of road movies. Harold and Kumar are two friends - a banker and a medical student-, who decide to smoke a joint. So far so good, right? Nope. Problems arise as they - beset by the munchies-, decide to go out for some hamburgers. Harold and Kumar are sybaritic people, people with gastronomic principles who do not accept a simple whopper. Their search for the nearest White Castle burger place will make this treat become the Penelope of these two crazy Ulysses.

6. Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings)

The official story is that Halflings' grass is a type of aromatic tobacco blah, blah; blah ... I do not believe it. That's what they tell Minas Tirith's interregional authorities. Gandalf knows the hobbits smoke good weed and that is why he visits the Shire so often. Or how do you think Gandalf the Grey becomes Gandalf the White? It is all about Ganja illumination, my friends.

5. Silas & Jamal

Silas and Jamal are the alterego of rappers Method Man and Redman in cannabis comedy 'How High'. When his brainy colleague Ivory dies, Silas has the brilliant idea of using his ashes as a fertilizer for a marijuana plant. Before taking their "THC" exam (Testing for Higher Credentials, a parody of the SAT in allusion to Tetrahydrocannabinol), they find out that whenever they smoke out of that plant, their colleague Ivory shows up. This way, they manage to get an A in their exams and obtain a Harvard scholarship. How far will they get? The grass will tell.

4. Cheech & Chong

In the late seventies, smoke came out of American screens. These two thugs are the masters of all subsequent stoner duos, just as their film 'Up in smoke' (1978) is the precursor of stoned road movies. In that particular odyssey, Cheech and Chong end up deported in Mexico and in order to come back, they mistakenly take over a car belonging to the drug-trafficking business, entirely made out ​​of cannabis resin. The comedy duo starred in a total of ten stoner and hippy films.

3. Floyd

The character played by Brad Pitt in 'True Romance' is a stoner-movie classic character. Good old Floyd shares an apartment with Dick Richie, an aspiring actor. Floyd is a nice, innocent guy who does not get up from the couch during the entire film. Do not patronize him or he will kill you with his homemade bong.

2. Saul Silver

James Franco plays in 'Pineapple Express' a petty drug dealer who, just like Floyd, does not quite like getting up from his couch. We could have placed him in third position to the detriment of Pitt's character, but Silver really raises a ruckus throughout the whole film with one of the most accomplished stoner film interpretations. If a Blue Oyster stem were to mate an Afghan Kush and, on the other hand, a Northern Light did so with a Super Red Espresso Snowflake, the result would be the 'Pineapple Express'. In Saul Silver's own words: a bomb.

1. Gran Lebowski

And the winner is, of course, the great classic stoner film. The Dude, Big Lebowski. A character, played by Jeff Bridges, who is capable of making a real mess in order to get a carpet replacement. A guy who takes life calmly, in an easy way, and even generating around his fictitious character a new religious movement, The Church of the Latter-Day Dude or Dudeism. In August 2012, 160,000 Dudeist priests had already joined this new religion. If this is your hero, what are you waiting for to evangelize the world with The Dude's words?


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