Dinafem crystallises its division of autoflowering seeds

  • Six years ago, we began the arduous task of searching for the best autoflowering cannabis varieties. And after a huge investment of research and development, which has led us to become the spearhead in this field, we are proud to present our new specialised catalogue of automatic seeds, Autodinafem: the first catalogue in the world with 28 varieties of the best seeds we have ever offered and a showcase that comprises the widest range of crosses made to obtain some real champion plants.

So, we have taken strains like Bubba Kush, Cheese and Moby Dick to standards of quality and production that make them become XXL, with very pronounced aromas and flavours and inexplicably high potency, which in some cases reaches 21% THC. All thanks to fifteen generations of improvement in each variety, which has crystallised into a unique product through the use of technologies like gas chromatography, allowing for qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques for a better selection of males and females in seed production.

It has undoubtedly been a sniper shot in the genetic bullseye of each strain, where more than 4,000 seeds of each have been used to reach the final product, thus managing to create a roadmap in the germination process to give them optimised traits of production, appearance and quality; achieving, in short, grass that looks like grass, smells like grass and messes you up like no other grass.

These are our winning horses:

Bubba Kush Auto

Undoubtedly, one of the best indicas in the world, a botanically extreme species that looks different from any other and has a flavour as unique as it is intense, with aromas that borrow from the winds of the Persian Gulf to India, with touches that modulate between the most penetrating oil and roasted coffee. A true cannabis legend that will take you to distant and pleasurable lands from the first drag.

Bubba Kush Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds

OG Kush Auto

Number one in the US market, a plant that has become the American dream and has captivated users with its lemon cocktail mixed with kerosene flavour, an amalgam of aromas that fuses sativa and indica to reach THC levels that verge on 25%.

OG Kush Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds

Sour Diesel Auto

The result of this hybrid is a plant with indica predominance, vigorous, with a good production and easy to grow, since it offers excellent performance and a high quantity of frosted light green flowers that turn pink just when it's time to cut it. Thanks to this automatic variety, the patience to harvest becomes a prize.

Sour Diesel Autoflowering

Sour Diesel Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds

Dinamex Auto

A winning hand of queens obtained by crossing a Cali Sour (which in turn is a cross of California Orange x Sour Diesel x Mexican Sativa) with Emerald OG Kush, a plant with exceptional quality that serves as a powerful driver to offer a potent, clean autoflowering seed whose effect dilates with time until you lose track of east.

Dinamex Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds

Kush 'N'Cheese Auto

The immaculate conception that comes from joining the two most popular varieties in the US and the UK, fusing their aromas and flavours to give you a fantastic autoflowering seed that will alert you with its incomparable scent, to give way to a high quantity of resin with an euphoric and very powerful effect, not for laymen.

Kush'N'Cheese Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds

Blue Critical Auto

Blue Critical gathers the best of the taste and aromatic qualities of the Blueberry saga, with delicious touches of blueberries to sweeten the recognisable smell of Critical and adopt lovely purple hues when flowering. This autoflowering seed optimises the production of buds to make it a very generous variety in all aspects.

Blue Critical Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds

Moby Dick XXL Auto

The cannon of our collection, the most powerful strain in the catalogue, now becomes a battle tank, getting bigger, more sativa and more psychoactive if possible, with a THC concentration up to 21% and presence of THCV, ideal for relieving the most lasting pain and, also, capable of putting a hole in your head.

Moby Dick XXL Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds

Amnesia XXL Auto

The autoflowering seed version and most majestic of the famous Amnesia, a plant to take off your hat (and take away your senses) and a variety that in this case has increased its flavour and potency to join the speed and self-production of this deliciously Dutch gene.

Amnesia XXL Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds

White Widow XXL Auto

We have achieved an autoflowering feminised White Widow with a lot of resin, with a very sweet flavour, similar to its non-autoflowering version, and with hard and compact buds. It's an easy-to-grow variety with a strong, relaxing effect, a sensation that is enhanced in this autoflowering version because it offers higher amounts of CBD. A classic even for newcomers.

White Widow XXL Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds

Cheese XXL Auto

As its name suggests, you'll know the Cheese for its penetrating odour, a strong, well-cured village cheese, but also with wild aromatic touches, and with a CBD content that softens the proportion of THC to become the favourite plant of British people, a real queen of England, thanks to its fast and compact growth. Unbeatable commercially, which now comes larger than ever.

Cheese XXL Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds

Haze XXL Auto

An autoflowering seed that borrows from Sativa Haze in its genes, with a complex composition between Ruderalis, Sativa and Indica, that offers first level aromatic and psychoactive qualities and obtains a stable and homogenous plant, with more resin, more buds, and now with a huge production, in XXL.

Haze XXL Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds

Blue Amnesia XXL Auto

A hybrid conceived to get a perfect proportion of aroma, flavour and colour, due to its Blueberry heritage, but with the production load and potency of an Amnesia, optimised in this case towards a greater poise and size that make it a perfect option for the most demanding grower in time and results.

Blue Amnesia XXL Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds


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