Colaboración Ivory Dinafem

Dinafem announces joint venture with Ivory Swiss Premium CBD Flowers for the sale of pure CBD strains in Switzerland

  • Dinafem, in collaboration with Ivory, will brand pure CBD strains to be sold in Switzerland. 
  • The JV is on the long term and there will be new exciting products.
  • Both companies are aiming to play a leading role in the Swiss market.
Colaboración Ivory Dinafem

Dinafem, a globally leading cannabis seed and genetic company, has signed a deal with the Swiss cannabis light producing and selling company Ivory to start a Joint Venture (JV) where both companies will work together to market new exciting pure CBD genetics that will be of a higher quality than the currently existing available strains. The JV is exclusively focused on the Swiss market and the aim is to become market leaders thanks to the experience Dinafem has with breeding new exciting strains.

From Dinafem we want to express our high confidence in the success of the JV and our pledge to dedicate all our available resources to become, together with Ivory, the main brand in the Swiss market.

In the following months we will announce the next steps in the JV that will change the shape of the market for the better. We at Dinafem believe that once the public has the option to choose reputable high-quality CBD products, with the backing of a solid brand behind them, many players will be forced to improve their game as the public will demand higher standards of quality and transparency. We also believe that companies making claims about strains with popular names will be under pressure to clarify the information about the products they are selling. We at Dinafem are looking forward for that environment of transparency and high quality as we believe we are better prepared than any other seed bank to compete with high quality products.

After all, competition is good for the customers.

And we love competition!


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