The Most Original Costumes for a Cannabis Carnival

  • If you’d like to express your passion for marijuana during these holidays, but don´t have much time left, you can come up with Captain Cannabis, human joint, or vaporiser costume in a jiffy. Here we have some ideas for you to get you all dressed up in green.

Carnival has begun worldwide, filling the streets of cities all over the globe with colour and joy. Cannabis lovers can also join the festivities, donning costumes tinged with green. In fact, they don't even have to go to a store to buy one. 

Many cannabis lovers are already sharing, through the social networks, their "do-it-yourself" outfits so that other uses can also espouse their passion for marijuana during these holidays. 

Orlando David Vélez posted to his Instagram account an original Captain Cannabis costume we assume was inspired by Captain America. To do so he replaced the original's red, white and blue with green, and the star symbol on the chest with a cannabis leaf. 

A vaporiser costume is another option you can consider for Carnival this year. If you're handy, you can squeeze into a plastic cylinder that you make yourself, adding a giant mouthpiece to it. If there are several of you, you can go as a complete cannabis set: your friends can dress up as a bag of cannabis, a joint, a marijuana leaf or even Bob Marley. 

Hempnosis has also placed on Instagram another idea for lovers of cannabis and new technologies: a homemade smoking smartphone costume that some were quick to dub the "Highphone." 

Now, if sewing is not your thing, on Amazon you can also buy different marijuana-themed costumes. One of them is this masculine costume by OppoSuits, combining the elegance of a suit with a leaf pattern. Ideal if you want to seriously express your passion for cannabis. 


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