How to Produce Cosmetics and Creams Using Cannabis

  • Have you ever wondered how these body care products are made?
  • Would you like to prepare them at home for personal use or in order to launch a business venture?
  • Pay attention because with some simple steps you could manufacture your own lotions and creams with all the properties of cannabis.  

Ah Warner, owner of Cannabis Basics, a company based in Seattle and a pioneer in the use of cannabinoids for cosmetic use, explains the production process for her star product: an anti-inflammatory massage cream that contains cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), ideal for getting rid of bags under your eyes that can detract from a face.

While there are other companies in the cannabis industry that commit to luxury and offer the market other more exclusive products, companies such as Cannabis Basics have no qualms about sharing their practices so that everyone can prepare them whenever they want. While before it was possible to produce some homemade medicines easily and simply using the excess produce from a crop, you will now also have the chance to make your own creams at home.

Without reaching the level of sophistication of Warner, in the kitchen you can find all the tools needed to produce a similar cream in a somewhat more basic way. In this example, Ah uses products made from cannabis as an infusion, a refined alcohol and hemp oil. The other ingredients for this product are water, fat, and natural beeswax that needs to be melted over a gentle heat.

Everything is mixed with the help of a whisk until it acquires a certain consistency. At the end, it is distributed in clean tubes such as the ones used for lipstick or glue. When it cools, the topical use cream is ready to be applied with a gentle relaxing massage.

Everyone knows about the benefits resulting from this cosmetics and creams, thanks to the fact that the properties of cannabis help to combat stress and the signs of tiredness on the face, local pain and inflammation, thereby facilitating muscle relaxation. Although the products contain THC, when they are applied to the skin the psychoactive effects are not activated, something which does happen with ingestion and inhalation. Therefore, the products are perfect for people that want to benefit from the properties of cannabis while avoiding the effects associated to other types of consumption. If, in addition to that, you can also do it from home, there are no longer any excuses for not creating your own products.


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