Dinafem: California Hash Plant

  • California Hash Plant, a combination of two legendary Indicas, stars in this high-quality video in which we can admire its gorgeous structure. This is a robust plant that stands out for its bountiful and rapid production. Easy to grow, it far exceeds the expectations of both novices and experts alike.

California Hash Plant is a feminised marijuana strain by Dinafem. The fruit of crossing California Hash Plant and Northern Lights, it stands out for its composition: almost entirely (90%) Indica genes. This combination has yielded a stable, high-quality strain that allows growers to cultivate the plant in virtually any kind of climate.

It is precisely its easy cultivation that most favours those who dare to try it out; California Hash Plant thrives even when exposed to harsh temperatures, on virtually any kind of terrain, and in almost any part of ​​the planet. It only struggles in extreme tropical climates.

Along with this, the plant produces high-quality resin for growers. It is sturdy, easy to grow, and bears compact buds covered by a thick layer of resin. Also worthy of note is its remarkable resistance to the development of mould.

The California Hash Plant is lush in appearance, with a broad and tall bush-like structure. Its wide leaves are dark, and the distance between its nodes is limited, which favours the production of flowers all over its branches.

When grown indoors it should be pointed out that it produces good results even in small spaces, and does especially well using the SCROG method. Its flowering period ranges from 45-50 days, with yields of up to 500 g/m2.

Outdoors, as we have said, it flourishes in all kinds of climates, and also in greenhouses. It is harvested in late September, or early October, and offers growers yields of up to 1,100 grams per plant, which can grow up to 2.5 meters tall.

Of course, its flavour and aroma are another two key aspects of the strain; both are stable and very balanced, with touches reminiscent of Afghan hashish and earthy aromas, and its taste is so sweet that it is able to soothe the senses.

Finally, it packs a predominantly physical effect, one that is powerful and long-lasting. Its THC concentration is moderate (8%-12%), as are its CBD levels. Therefore, the strain has a sedative effect, making it apt for those who suffer from anxiety, nervousness or insomnia.

California Hash Plant, as can be appreciated in the video, is a sight to behold and enjoy, for its great beauty and striking structure. A consideration of its many qualities, however, reveals that the strain has much more to offer growers who opt for it.


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