THCbd Greenhouses flowering

Professor OG: “Seeing the THCbd Italia greenhouses full of flowering Dinafem genetics has been a dream come true.”

  • It’s been a year since Dinafem Seeds started working with THCbd Italia. This summer we’ll get to see the fruits of their collaboration.
  • We speak to the co-founders and master growers of these two cannabis firms: Professor OG, from Dinafem Seeds, and Juri Crespan, from THCbd Italia, who tell us how they rate this joint project that will finally see the light of day in the last week of June.
THCbd Greenhouses flowering

"When you've spent many years shaping a sculpture that you can't show, it can be a bit frustrating. So to be able to grow hundreds of plants and to show them openly, knowing it's fully legal, has been a dream come true for the Dinafem Seeds' team. It also helps that the plants have been taken care of so incredibly well. There is a lot of love invested in the THCbd garden."

Professor OG, Dinafem Seeds' master breeder, has always dreamt of filling legal greenhouses with the genetics that he's been creating since 2005. And the collaboration with his Italian partners has finally made this dream come true. For Professor OG, Dinafem Seeds signifies the work of a lifetime, and he's proud to admit that his project has grown to a point that he could have never imagined when he founded his seedbank 15 years ago.

The professionals at the forefront of THCbd share a similar feeling. From Padova, Juri Crespan remembers that the Italian firm "is a very young creature built with lots of tears, many years of study, much hard work and great sacrifice, and with a history yet to be written."

Their work is now focused on this joint collaboration to fulfill the team's dream of "turning their passion for cannabis into their full-time job". The firm's biggest challenge, he points out, was "to produce flowers that, in addition to being totally legal, would provide a sensory experience that would revolutionise the young CBD market." "And now we can say we've achieved this", he proudly adds.

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When we asked about how this collaboration came to be, Professor OG explained: "Everything started with the outstanding human qualities we saw in the THCbd team. We could tell that they were a passionate group of people pursuing the dream of being able to work with their beloved plant with full commitment, honesty, and professionalism. This is why we quickly felt that we could trust them to be our partners in Italy.

We have been working on CBD breeding projects since 2014, and we've seen how the cannabidiol flowers have become increasingly popular first in Switzerland, and later in Italy. Thanks to our Italian representative we came to meet a group of people with great passion for cannabis and an unprecedented level of professionalism, so we didn't hesitate to start working with them in order to produce the best CBD buds in the country. This is a project still under development."

Mr. Crespan adds that when they met they immediately realised that they shared a common business vision: "Our shared values led to a state of full harmony with Dinafem Seeds from the get go. The Dinafem team always showed trust in us, and provided everything we needed to grow flowers that did justice to their seedbank. In fact, come to think of it, we could say that THCbd is Dinafem Seeds' youngest daughter," Juri teases.

When we asked about their experience growing Dinafem genetics, Mr. Baldisseri stated that "before starting this collaboration, the aspiration to be able to select plants that produced flowers with a satisfactory aromatic profile in a short space of time was almost unthinkable," but Dinafem's research work facilitated "the selection of buds with high terpene and CBD levels, and very low THC content, in full compliance with Italian law."

THCbd is launching three new pure CBD genetics in the last week of June, to add to the previously released Dinamed Kush. These three strains fully comply with current Italian law, and showcase an aroma that proved to be the big challenge of the project. "We hope the flowers are well received by the public, as we believe they're currently the best product on the Italian market.

THCbd's impressive cultivation, drying, curing, and processing work at their Padova facilities gives us full confidence in the buds that they're putting on sale. When you open one of their jars, you need to ask yourself whether you've ever smelled anything similar in Italy. We anticipate that the answer will be no, because these flowers are simply from another league. Comparing THCbd's buds with those from other brands is like comparing industrially-produced sausages with artisanal sausages from a farmer's market. They are simply of a different quality," Professor OG adds.

Mr. Crespan couldn't agree more with his associate, and refers to the new buds as 'CBD jewels': "We dedicate a lot of time and passion to the plants, and they have paid us back with buds full of amazing aromas… thick flowers coated in trichomes." That's why we can say that "pure CBD flowers of this calibre are something never seen before." "The Italian public will be able to judge for themselves, and encourage us to carry on growing and getting better at this."

These amazing buds will be presented at the different cannabis cups celebrated in Italy so that both growers and experts can tell us what they think.

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