Remo Chemo

Remo Chemo, Dina Girl of the year

  • Being on High Times’ top ten of best strains of the year is to cannabis what being on the Forbes list is to the business world.
  • And Remo Chemo has made it to the top ten in her first year of life. Professor OG, Dinafem’s main breeder, had a feeling that this new strain was just what users where waiting for, even if they weren’t quite aware of it yet.
  • An incredible THC level perfect for alleviating muscle pain and for appetite stimulation, a top-notch Kushy aroma and a nice team spirit when working on the project together with Remo aka The Urban Grower and his team is all it took to create this smasher.
Remo Chemo

Remo Chemo has been on the market for less than six months and has already established herself as a key strain. During this time, she has been awarded two first prizes - in the Indica category both at Expogrow 2017 (Spain) and at Karma Cup 2017 (Canada) - and, most importantly, has been listed in High Times' Top 10 strains of 2017. The recognition she has received speaks for itself: Remo Chemo is a true champ. Why is this so? Well, because she is a potent, highly productive strain very rich in terpenes that gives off a kushy aroma worthy of the respect of Kush lovers and complemented with therapeutic properties. And to top it off, the shapes and the colours are every bit as amazing.

Remo Chemo began to take shape in 2016. Our breeder Professor OG and the renowned Remo aka The Urban Grower wanted to bring the Canadian Kushy aroma to Europe, and so they looked for the best possible approach: Remo, a chronic back pain sufferer and as such a fan of narcotic and soothing strains, would choose one of his favourite girls in the garden and Professor OG would feminise and stabilise the genetics.

Throughout most of the year, we at Dinafem Seeds have worked on making our CBD autoflowering strains well balanced and easy to grow, but not content with this, our team of breeders wanted to experiment with some potent, stinky and high-yielding marijuana too. Well, Remo Chemo's large, fragrant buds are the result of our endeavour to create a great Indica, and we can now bid farewell to the year feeling immensely proud of our brand-new Dina Girl.


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