nathan dinafem genetics

"I Grow Dinafem Genetics Because They’ve Never Let Me Down"

  • Although for many years growing with chemical fertilisers was the choice preferred by many growers, as the cannabis industry advances it seems that environmental awareness is gaining ground. Organic cultivation is, increasingly, the system that many choose for their cannabis plants. Case in point: the Canadian grower who won the last edition of the Toronto Lift Cup and Vancouver Lift Cup with Dinafem strains.
  • For our entire team it is a great source of pride that our genetics are so popular in Canada. So, it is only natural that we chose to interview the grower who placed our seeds on the podium. We wanted to know everything, how he grew them, why he chose our genetics, and his methods to achieve get such brilliant results ...will he reveal his secrets to us? 
nathan dinafem genetics

How long have you been growing? 

I bought my first cannabis clone 15 years ago, and since then I have dedicated myself to growing cannabis. 

When was the first time you entered a cannabis competition? 

The first time I participated in one was three years ago. And a year ago I won my first: the Karma Cup.

How and when did you start to grow? Did you have any kind of help? 

I began to grow using the clone I was telling you about before, and after that experience I bought seeds to try my hand outdoors. 

When I was 18 my father gave me the opportunity to grow in our house, as the two of us were consuming cannabis and didn't want to pay the inflated black market prices. Besides, I knew I could do a good job, because I had enjoyed gardening ever since I was a child, and it's something I'm pretty good at. I actually had a lot of experience cultivating tropical and aquatic plants. 

All my knowledge and information about growing cannabis I got from magazines like Skunk, Treating Yourself, Hightimes and Weed World. I always thought that my plants should look just like those in the shots found in these magazines. Otherwise I prefer to cut them and start over. I learned everything else through experience and the feedback I got from friends and family. 

You've won several competitions in Canada, most recently the Lift Cup in Toronto, and the same one in Vancouver. What strains did you enter, and why?

"I submitted Sour Diesel Auto and Blue Kush Auto at both. I wanted these genetics to speak for themselves and for people to realise how far autoflowering plants have come in recent years." 

In general I like all automatics, but I think that Sour Diesel Auto has one of the spiciest and most expressive aromas that I've tried, and I thought that Canadians would appreciate that familiar gas-like, diesel flavour. 

Blue Kush Auto also has a taste that I love, very Kush, with hints of berry. I thought that it would be a great sample of what Dinafem autoflowering genetics have to offer. 

Why Dinafem genetics?

I grow Dinafem crop strains because they've never let me down. For a while, at first, I grew varieties from other banks, and they often disappointed me. I think that Dinafem genetics are very stable and always maintain high quality standards. I think that when you guys launch a new strain onto the market, your descriptions of them are accurate. And their germination, uniformity and strength ratios are, in my opinion, unbeatable. 

What are your favourite genetics? Why?

For use during the day I like Critical Jack 2.0 or Critical 2.0, which really give me a lot of energy, and help me work in my day to day. Of the automatic strains I love the taste and effect of Sour Diesel Auto and, of course, Bubba Kush Auto. The new CBD genetics are proving to be very productive and useful, and also retain the legendary taste of their parents. 

What advice would you give to a grower who is just starting out?

I recommend keeping it simple. Don´t get ahead of yourself. I would also recommend going organic. Earthworm humus, for example, is a good organic fertiliser that works very well and that won´t make things complicated.

Why do you think that you won the cannabis cups that you mentioned before? 

Of all the entries submitted at the Lift Cup in Toronto, the Sour Diesel Auto took third place. I think that the cultivation of probiotic cannabis, which is the method I use myself, is a breath of fresh air for many people who are used to consuming cannabis cultivated with chemical fertilisers. 

Tell us more about the growing method you use. Why organic?

I like organic, probiotic growing because it is a challenge for me and gives me medicine of the highest quality. This method is very inexpensive, allowing me to grow at a very low cost, and is also environmentally friendly and sustainable. I can even grow my own food using this method. And I don't damage the ecosystem or produce any waste. 


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  1. 5 out of 5
    I've never had no problems with any Dinafem seeds I've bought from seed banks. They breed great strains and they are easy to grow with great results i love the Moby Dick XXL that's one plant that is a genetic freak she is a monster. The best one I've grown had a lemon and strong coffee smell going on and was a good yeilder so for any one thinking of trying out some quality seeds for your collection try out Dinafem.

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