Grow Report - Remo Chemo

  • Remo Chemo is a mighty indica created in collaboration with the renowned cannabis grower Urban Remo. 
  • The fine quality of her buds, as well as her extreme potency, have won her prizes all over the world.
  • Our contributor Stoney Tark has the lowdown on how to make the most of this amazing strain – don’t miss his grow report on this absolute cannabis gem!

Indoor Set Up:

Tent: 1.2m x 1.2m

Lights: SANlight Q6W (230 watts)

Medium: Coco, worm castings, perlite, BIOtabs beneficial microbes

Nutrients: Feeding only tap water

Growing Period: 40 days - 18/6

Light Cycle

By Stoney Tark

As a Kush lover myself, I could not wait to get my hands on this Kush variety in femenised form from Dinafem. The world renowned grower Urban Remo from Remo Nutrients has made his own custom strain.

All the way from California and the finest blend of Genetics, has a sky high potency of up to 24%, meaning she is a strong one and a must have for lovers of knockout Kush. After germinating one seed in a cup of tap water overnight, it took 36 hours for the shell to break open and a long thin tap root pop out.

My pot size is an 11L fabric pot, and growing medium is a rich organic blend of coco, worm castings, and perlite to add air pockets and improve aeration in the root zone. The plants will now grow under a light cycle of 18 hours per day with 6 hours of darkness.

My humidity is close to 75% and the temperatures of the tent when lights are on is 25 degrees Celsius and when the lights are off 21 degrees Celsius. The Remo Chemo seedling has emerged from the growing medium and has a thick leaf appearance. I can tell already that this will be characteristic of an indica wide leaf variety. I feed only water and the seedling is in full health.

The plant is now 2 inches or so high and growing new leaves. The top leaves are small and fat and I shall pinch the crown shoot after day 14. I always pinch out. I expect the stature of this hybrid to be smaller and shorter than most plants. I notice when looking down the sides of the felt pots, the roots are growing very quickly and expanding across the tops and sides of the growing medium.

To create a wide, multi topped canopy, I tie down the side branches and allow the centre growing tips to push towards the light.

Once these have grown up over the next week or so, the canopy will begin to take the form that I desire. I am very impressed by the amount of growth off this strain and how quickly it has taken shape. The height of the Remo Chemo after day 25 is 10 centimetres tall with lots of growing tips.

I would strongly recommend Remo Chemo for growers who use SCROG and also grow Sea of Green. After day 30, I tie the plants down again, this time extending the ends of every shoot to the furthest point of the felt pots. The plants will be left to grow over the next 10 days and then before flower I will prune the lowest parts of the canopy.

The canopy now is very bushy, with hard wooden thin stems. The leaf is similar to indica and other Kush strains and from the looks of things now, I expect Remo Chemo to be a very large producer. 

Her height is around 9 inches and with so many lower shoots, it has a seriously top heavy canopy. On day 35, I decide to prune the lowest parts of this very bushy lady.

By removing the lowest leaves and shoots, the energy will be diverted to the tops of the plants. She has a wonderful colour to her as well and can be described as a shiny, metallic glow.

Once all of the final adjustments have been made, this lady has really impressed me in terms of vigour, and structure. Day 40 is here and along with the other varieties that are growing in my tent, the Remo Chemo is really standing out from the crowd. She is close to 14 inches tall and has an extreme amount of top shoots after the simple L.S.T and prune. She will now be left to flower and over the next 8-9 weeks, will produce some incredible flower.

Characteristics During Growing Stage - 40 Days

  • Bushy Appearance
  • Ideal for plant training
  • Ideal for SCROG
  • Musky aroma
  • Short internodal spacing
  • Very thin hardwood stems

The Flowering Stage - 12/12 Light Cycle

The Remo Chemo is by far the bushiest plant out of all the ones growing in my tent, and the one I expect to be the largest producer. After the first week of 12/12, she has grown outwards and upwards creating a strong upper canopy.

She grows with very thin twig like stems and has a metallic shimmer to her foliage I only feed water and after the second week of flowering, the Remo Chemo has expanded in size by almost double and is now 23 inches.

I reposition her in the tent so she can receive as much light as possible now she has stretched and is preparing for a heavy bloom. The aroma of the plant is a firm musky, spicy, earthy overtone and now the pre flowers are beginning to emerge, the aroma should enhance more over the next few weeks. In comparison to the Gorilla strain from Dinafem I have growing beside the Remo Chemo, the amount of pre flowers after day 16 is still quite minimal so it will be interesting to see the development of the flowering sites over the next few weeks.

Day 28 and the plant is really starting to take shape, and I can see how this lady loves to be trained. I actually decide to prune around 30% of the lowest growth, to improve the air flow around the inside lower branches.

The appearance looks to be small buds that are growing at every internode creating one long bud formation. Over half way in to the flowering cycle at week 5, and my temperature is spot on at 23.5 degrees Celsius and my humidity is measuring at 42%. There are no signs of an pathogens or plant disease and I make sure my grow room is as clean as possible. The leaf formation on the Remo Chemo is a classic indica characteristic ranging in size from 8cm - 12cm.

The buds are beginning to swell up and when shining a light on, glisten frosty white. The aroma when lightly pressing a bud is really peppery, musky, with a gassy, citrus background. You can tell it will be a potent variety from the aroma alone. There are so many small flowering sites filling out every internode, with heavily resinous leaves protruding out.

After 40 days, I measure the plant now she is only focusing on swelling up and adding biomass, and she measures 62.5cm (24.6 inches). Remo Chemo has a thin structure, however is very bushy and laterally wide measures 89cm (35 inches). I expect she will take up to 9 week before being ready for harvest. Her resin profile stands out very much, and she is certainly a looker.

The buds are not the biggest, but the do stack up nicely and the flower to leaf ratio is very low, meaning despite having all of these branches to trim, it will not take too long. I feed her plenty of water and count down to day 60, where I will take a closer look at the trichomes under a microscope. Upon inspection, I see around 70% are a dark silver and the remaining 30% are a gold, amber colour.



In 3 days I will check again to see how many of the darker silver heads, have matured to the prefered golden hue. After 65 days, the Remo Chemo is ready to chop. Her aroma is a strong one and can be described as Kushy, musky with a mix of fuel and lemon.

The buds have all gained as much weight as possible, and the sugar leaf around the buds is coated with resin also. Now she will go in my dry room where the plant will be left to dry for 14 days in a dark room, with a temperature of 15 degrees celsius and humidity of 50%.

Characteristics Of The Flowering Stage: 65 days

  • A strong aroma when brushing past this lady
  • Very thin stems with a narrow appearance
  • Reacted extremely well to L.S.T and pruning
  • Did not experience any mold or mildew issues
  • Remo Chemo can use food very fast

The Conclusion

Remo Chemo is a easy to grow strain that expresses some classic old school genetics. The aroma of a dried flower is much more enhanced and has a dank, earthy body. A very tasty variety for those who love gas and anything musky and fuel based.

The buds are small and dense, but are totally covered with resin all over. From one plant growing in a 11L pot, after 105 days of complete growing time, the Remo Chemo yielded 92 gram dried. I believe with this variety, if I grew in a larger pot then the yields would have been even better. However, I am most pleased as each bud seriously packs a punch on the potency side. A really dreamy Kush that has a more richer, hashy taste to it than other Kush strains.

Remo Chemo

Feminised Seeds


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