Chamomile: these are the health benefits of the plant of the month

  • A common ingredient in most pantries, this July’s plant of the month is filled with health benefits.
  • Now that summer has settled in and the holiday season — and its excesses — is around the corner, the plant can be of great help for rebalancing the body.
  • As well as promoting good digestion, chamomile has many other health benefits that you can browse below.

Most people associate chamomile with its digestive properties, but in actual fact the plant is a great remedy for many other ailments. A natural, inexpensive solution everyone can afford.

Description of chamomile

Common chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile), also known as Roman chamomile or simply chamomile, is one of the most well-known healing herbs, with chamomile tea being considered an almost infallible 'cure-all'. Originally native to Europe, it is a perennial herb from the Asteraceae family which is often mistaken for the similar-looking German chamomile (Matricaria recutita).

Benefits and uses of chamomile

The use of chamomile dates back to ancient times, being common in ancient Egypt and in the Greco-Roman period, where it was used both as a medicinal remedy and as incense - the plant is highly aromatic. Nowadays the herb, and more specifically, the flowers, are used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Here are some of their main therapeutic properties:

  • Digestive problems:Chamomile tea is a common remedy for intestinal cramps, gastritis, nausea, slow digestion and the like. The effect is almost immediate and is down to the anti-inflammatory properties of the plant, which relax the intestinal muscle reducing the swelling. Accordingly, chamomile is a great way of avoiding an upset stomach after a heavy meal.
  • Insomnia and anxiety: By drinking a cup of chamomile tea a day during stressful periods, not only will you deal better with stress and depression, but you will also feel more relaxed and get better sleep.
  • Premenstrual syndrome: Thanks to is anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile provides relief both from premenstrual and menstrual cramps. And not just that, because of its many properties, the plant is also recommended for regulating the menstrual cycle.
  • Skincare:Adding chamomile to your moisturizer or almond oil can do wonders for your skin, as the healing properties of the plant are great for treating wounds, ulcers, burns, scar tissue and skin irritation.
  • Eye problems: Conjunctivitis, as well as a number of allergies, can cause eye irritation and itching. In such cases, you can infuse a chamomile tea bag and cover the affected eye with it, a remedy you can use also to treat the annoying sties.

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