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The Malana Bomb by Barney's Farm is the result of the beautiful Himilaya Charas plant crossed and stabilized with a hardy ruderalis produced this wonderful auto flowering charas hash plant.

The Malana Bomb is a plant who grows medium short, giving fat cola's and bringing the delicious taste of Malana to your garden.


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A recommended strain, easy for beginners .

Grows well in any climate as long as night temps don't drop bellow 10c. This plant is not nutrient greedy, so less is best and will make a easy job when time for flush. Great big dense bud and resin production. Can be harvested at 10 weeks after germination, 1 week more longer will really make those tricromes grow into white shiny stars : ) great taste of chares/black (coffee, toffee chocolate) grows 40 to 90cm tall in a gallon pot.