New Dinafem 2017 CBD-rich marijuana strains: early, feminised and autoflowering

Seven high CBD marijuana strains are being launched by Dinafem Seeds in 2017. Five autoflowering and two feminised seeds, all of them belonging to the most important cannabis family dynasties. Critical, OG Kush, Amnesia, Cheese and White Widow are now accessible to everyone: consumers with low tolerance to THC and with no previous experience as growers.

The new Auto CBD strains keep the same production and aromas as the original ones, but grow faster and offer a more moderate effect. These new seeds don't trigger the typical THC-derived psychoactive effects because CBD acts as an antagonist.

After testing their THC:CBD ratios in the Dinafem Lab, we can conclude that the most common ratio was 1:2, with the exception of DINAMED: the first 100% therapeutic strain by Dinafem, with a 1:25 ratio. Dinafem has created this strain for consumers who do not wish to go through a psychoactive high but still want to benefit from the therapeutic properties of cannabis, among others, for treating a wide variety of ailments.

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