Blue Hash feminised marijuana strain

Blue Hash is a feminised cannabis seed with the mark of the Afghan mountains burned into her soul. At Dinafem Seeds, we felt the urge to create a tough strain that would offer the force of nature but not only that. We wanted her to be the solution for those cannabis growers who live in regions with difficult, cold and humid weather conditions. Obtaining a quality product in such environments has always been quite an impossible task but now, besides possible, it can be done with good yields and in a remarkably short time.

A miracle? Not at all, it's just the result of a job well done by our team of breeders, who set to work and quite rightly decided that working with two top genetics such as California Hash Plant and Blueberry could lead to a very interesting strain. An all-around Indica-dominant (60%) hybrid that is just perfect for the elaboration of high-end hashish and resin extractions.

Blue Hash

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