YouTube suspends several cannabis channels

  • The first two weeks of April have seen the disappearance of a number of YouTube channels dedicated to cannabis.
  • Dozens of seed banks, channels specialising in the plant and cannabis personalities have been banned from Google’s video-sharing platform.

"We'd like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines, your YouTube account Dinafem Seeds has been suspended". We got this message on the morning of 2 April, and at 9.05am our account was no longer accessible. Something similar to what must have happened to other colleagues in the industry, who saw their accounts suspended in the following days and weeks. In fact, Canadian grower Remo aka The Urban Grower, YouTube's biggest cannabis star, was silenced a wake later. And the same has applied to dozens of other channels that shared content on cannabis strains, growing techniques and other aspects of the industry. Affected members include our colleagues from Marihuana TV, Royal Queen Seeds, Pot TV and Delicious Seeds.

The crack down on YouTube accounts tied to cannabis has been heavily criticised on social media, where followers have expressed their dissatisfaction with Google's decision. Meanwhile, some of the accounts have been reopened on Vimeo


These are the accounts that have been suspended

Channels of seed banks

Dinafem Seeds

Humboldt Seeds Organization

Dutch Passion Seeds

Budha Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds

Delicious Seeds

Sweet Seeds

Green House

Channels about cannabis culture

Marihuana TV (Spain)

Undergrow TV (Spain)

Pevgrow (Spain)

Grow Barato (Spain)

La Mota (Spain)

Tecnocultivo (Spain)

Blimburn TV (Spain)

Herbies Seeds 

Pot TV (Canada)

Grow Diaries

Green Flowe Media (USA)

Leafly (USA)

Slower Future (USA)

Weed World TV (USA)

Cannabis youtubers

Remo Urban Grower (Canada)

Jodie Emery (Canada)

Med Grower, from Ocean Grown Seeds

Custom Grow 420

Mernahuana (Canada)

Up Town Grow Lab

Crutch 420 (USA)


Silenced Hippie (USA)

These are the accounts that are still open

Channels about cannabis culture

Nekwo (Spain)

Maria Plantis TV (Spain)

Big Buds Magazine (USA)

High Times (USA)

Merry Jane (USA)

Breal TV (USA)

Channels of seed banks

DNA Genetics

Sensi Seeds

Barney's Farm 

Cannabis youtubers

Subcool 420 (USA)

Dr Dina 420 (USA)

En Volá (Chile)

Haley420 (USA)

Cheryl Shuman (USA)

Boris Petis (Spain)

This list will be updated as appropriate from the date of publication... 


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