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New Ocean Grown Cookies and Blueberry Cookies: the tastiest U.S. potency finally arrives at Dinafem

  • Two new strains from the Cookies family can now be found in our catalogue.
  • Potency, uncanny tastes, and unbeatable aromas. These are the three main hallmarks of the new members of our collection.
  • Blueberry Cookies: Girl Scout Cookies x Blueberry, the perfect cross to add a fruitier background to the already incredible Kush scent. We present a Kush-scented, fresh and fruity strain whose thick buds acquire some delicious sugary nuances after the drying and curing process.
  • Ocean Grown Cookies: born from the cross of two all-time classics, OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies, Ocean Grown Cookies seeks to bring together the best traits of the west coast queen. Her THC levels testing above 20% and her perfectly-preserved Kush aroma have earned her a well-deserved place among the favourite strains of all times.
Banner Cookies 2019

U.S. cannabis strains have won the hearts of millions of growers worldwide. That's a fact. The flavour and potency of West Coast strains have long been on the spotlight, and Dinafem Seeds couldn't miss the chance to see what the most highly acclaimed cannabis jewels had to offer. So, after a couple of years of extensive breeding, we can finally announce the launch of two awesome terpy and cannabinoid-packed feminised cookies: Ocean Grown Cookies and Blueberry Cookies.

Ocean Grown Cookies: Kush traits at their finest

Mixing an elite clone of Girl Scout Cookies and an OG Kush was a pretty safe bet: the result could only be an incredible cannabis champ with gold-medal features. Like any quality Indica-dominant hybrid, she turns into mid-sized, bushy plants with rather ample internodes that may, however, require the use of stakes to make sure the main stem receives plenty of light.

The Cookies and the classic Kush are equally potent but not as similar when it comes to the taste.

Both families are indeed rather similar, but the Cookies lineage is way fruitier than the Kush, and their nuggets, despite the overall Indica-like growth pattern, are not like the typical round-shaped buds we're all used to. Instead, they're cone-shaped and elongated, with a high degree of compactness. Heavily crystalised clusters giving off an overwhelming aroma.

In fact, her taste and her potency are the most important features of Ocean Grown Cookies. With THC levels pushing far past 20% and almost no CBD, her effect is powerful, long-lasting, and narcotic. A head and body crushing wave that has wreaked havoc in California with Kush at the forefront and the fruity Girl Scout Cookies in the rear.


Ocean Grown Cookies

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Blueberry Cookies: a freshly-baked Kush seasoned with wild berries

Maximising the sweetness of the Kush scent was our main goal. We wanted to create a completely new and different Kush. We wanted to give the most cherished U.S. taste a twist by adding some fruity nuances to her. That's why the breeders at Dinafem Seeds picked Blueberry.

Average yet extraordinarily intense yields: the smaller the bud, the more pronounced the scents.

The cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry has given way to a vigorous and slender marijuana plant, endowed with beautiful purplish hues, that loves stretching upwards. Despite her extreme vigour, she doesn't require heavy feeding although she does need some additional space to grow comfortably.

Her buds are large, spiky, incredibly thick, and full of gooey trichomes. The most distinctive trait of this strain is, without a doubt, her scent. She smells like a fruit pie with a Kush base. However, the sweet nuances of traditional Kush genetics prevail over the earthy ones. Her effect is still a classic, though: powerful, physical, and relaxing.



Blueberry Cookies

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