Micro-oxygenation in cannabis growing

  • During the last few years the new technologies have been moving forward at a frantic pace, and that’s opening the door to a world of new possibilities.
  • In this post we introduce you to micro-oxygenation: a new and revolutionary technique that has already borne fruit in the wine industry in the last few decades.
  • Here we explain what this new technology is all about and what benefits it can bring to cannabis growing.

What is micro-oxygenation?

Micro-oxygenation is an innovative, relatively new technological process that is quickly spreading in the agricultural sector and is already widely used in the wine industry.

General definition

Micro-oxygenation consists of injecting oxygen micro-bubbles, smaller than 100 nm (0,1 microns), directly into the nutrient solution while it is being prepared. These nanoparticles are not visible to the human eye; therefore, complex equipment like the NanoSight NS 300 is required to automatically analyse them so that we can measure their size.

This innovative system enables the addition of a significant concentration of dissolved oxygen into the nutrient solution. The oxygen micro-bubbles' negative charge and high internal pressure encourage gas dissolution in the water. This is the easiest way for plants to absorb oxygen, and consequently the most beneficial.

In addition, these micro-bubbles remain intact and do not suffer degasification. The nutrient solution will keep its concentration of dissolved oxygen for a minimum of 70 days. This is a reliable method that guarantees a stable, long-lasting dissolved oxygen concentration regardless of the distance between the plants and the nutrient solution tank.

This technology can be applied to marijuana hydroponic systems, as well as to aquaponics and soil cultivation. Most nutrient solutions show significant oxygen deficiencies, which is commonly unknown amongst growers. It is well known that the substrate must be kept well-oxygenated, but it is also essential to make sure that the nutrient solution is well-oxygenated too.

In this specific case, oxygen plays an important role as a potent energy activator. When there is an oxygen deficiency, hypoxia occurs, a phenomenon that later leads to a more critical phase called anoxia, which fully blocks cell breathing. When this happens, anaerobic or semianaerobic bacteria develop more easily, which promotes the appearance of numerous diseases. Fortunately this rarely happens because water usually contains a minimum concentration of oxygen.

Applications in the wine industry

Micro-oxygenation is a technique commonly used in the wine industry that offers great benefits:

  • It enhances wine colour.
  • It reduces the perception of vegetable traces in the flavour of the wine.
  • It tones down fats and tannins.
  • It helps wine develop wood notes.

Therefore, this is clearly a process that significantly improves the general qualities of wine.

Benefits of using micro-oxygenation in marijuana growing

Micro-oxygenation can also provide clear, specific benefits in marijuana cultivation:

  • It stimulates root development, as well as vigorous and quick clone growth.
  • Plants grow more quickly and with greater strength.
  • It improves nutrient bioavailability.
  • Nutrients are absorbed more quickly.
  • It produces a 35% biomass increase.
  • Flower production increases by 25%.
  • Increased general resistance to harmful pathogens.
  • Powdery mildew and red spider mites can be mitigated through the use of a spray solution of water enriched with dissolved oxygen.

Micro-oxygenation offers great advantages at many levels; it improves the development, growth speed, and quality of the cuttings, as well as enhancing the general qualities of the plant.

The fact that the final production increases by 25% is really interesting. The strengthening of the plant's immune system is also an undeniable advantage that prevents many complications during cultivation and maximises the chances of success.

The benefits of micro-oxygenation are therefore clearly evident, especially as oxygen plays an essential role in the correct development and biological balance of all living creatures.


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