Critical Jack feminised marijuana strain

Critical Jack is a feminised cannabis seed deriving from the cross of two cannabis legends: Critical + and Jack Herer. At Dinafem Seeds, we decided to work on these two strains because we thought that crossing them would lead to a really good thing, and that's what happened.

We've masterfully mixed the traits of both genetics until the three legendary families (Skunk #1, Northern Lights and Haze) within this strain became evident. In a nutshell, a high-class hybrid that deserves a very special place in any garden; an amazing reputation earned for her yield, potency, taste as well as for the incredible extractions that can be made out of her super-tasty trichomes.

  • 1st prize -Outdoor Sativa category- at the 2016 UCLA cup (Unión Cannábica Latinoamericana).
  • 1st prize -Best Shatter category- at the 2015 San Bernardino Hempcon Cup, USA.

Critical Jack

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