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CBD ICE Cream by Dinafem Products is a soothing cold-effect cream based on organic hemp oil and pure CBD with excellent relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties. This innovative cream is perfect for providing muscle/joint relief and reducing inflammation after physical exertion. Read more >
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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural analgesic that effectively fights achey muscles, joints, and traumatism.

After workouts, or just because you want to give your legs some breathing room or maybe improve blood circulation, CBD ICE Cream is exactly what you need.

How to use: Massage the affected area gently until the skin absorbs it completely. Feel a lingering sense of comfort and freshness in your skin. For topical use only.

Main ingredients: Aloe Vera, olive oil, Cannabis Sativa extract, Arnica, peppermint, CBD, chamomile extract, Calendula extract, vegetable glycerine, and natural essential oils. All the ingredients are certified organic.

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