The Kush Family, an Indica Synonymous with Success


There is a lot of Kush out there but where does this cannabis family come from? The original one comes from an almost magical place, although sadly ravaged in recent decades by conflict: the Hindu Kush mountain range. This wondrous enclave, famous for its high quality hash, is an extension of the Himalayas and covers the northwest of India, part of Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

Dinafem Presents Its New Feminised Strains 2014


Starting today, you can purchase Dinafem’s new feminised seed strains for the 2014 season: five selected genetics that are the result of several years of research in order to come up with some really outstanding plants.

Smoking Marijuana Reduces the Risk of Obesity and Diabetes



It was already more than proven that cannabis could provide benefits in the treatment of multiple diseases. This is why medicinal marijuana use has been approved in so many countries, or is in the process of decriminalisation. Now diabetes and obesity have been added to the list and they further clarify the only possible course: legalisation.

Purple strains: When colour is both health and sickness


The colour bright green is practically the emblem of marijuana. As with all plants, the cannabis plant expresses the status of its health and needs through variations in its colour. This is why growers immediately become concerned if they see that their plants turn yellow, brown or even take on hues of blue and purple.

Countries of the Caribbean, It Is Time to Legalise Marijuana


Although there is not a unanimous position regarding the decriminalisation of marijuana, there are many Caribbean politicians who are not willing to sit idly by while their American neighbours cut the cannabis pie. At the summit held by the Caribbean Community (Caricom) last week, the issue was addressed on the basis of a report that urges the 15 member states to take positions on a substantially beneficial industry.

Dinafem crystallises its division of autoflowering seeds


Six years ago, we began the arduous task of searching for the best autoflowering cannabis varieties. And after a huge investment of research and development, which has led us to become the spearhead in this field, we are proud to present our new specialised catalogue of automatic seeds: the first catalogue in the world with 28 varieties of the best seeds we have ever offered and a showcase that comprises the widest range of crosses made to obtain some real champion plants.

How to create your own cannabis social club and not die trying


Cannabis social clubs are associations that distribute and stock up on cannabis among their members, all of them of legal age. They function in the private sphere, thus reducing the risks associated with the black market and indiscriminate growing. These not-for-profit associations have arisen in countries where marijuana use has been decriminalized – as it is the case of Spain – to cover the needs of smokers who may have the right to consume, but not the right to grow or have restricted rights to do so. Find here below different requirements to start a cannabis club in Spain and succeed in the attempt:

Believe it or not, marijuana is illegal in Jamaica and they are struggling to decriminalise it


The ‘Rasta Revolution’ of the 70’s, led by Bob Marley with music as its flag, broadcasted worldwide the idea that Jamaica was a marijuana paradise. Nothing could be further from the truth. As in many other places around the globe, the island country prohibits the consumption and sale of cannabis. However, now that the ban has been lifted in the U.S., authorities have proposed to reform the law.

How to make hash at home: traditional California recipe


There is a famous Spanish cook that used to say, “With a pig, you can even use its gait”. Marijuana can also be used almost in its entirety, from its coveted inflorescence to its trimmings. Following a fruitful harvest, having stored the buds properly in glass jars, just ready for tasting, making homemade hash is a great way to recycle all that plant matter left over from pruning and manicuring.

Ross Rebagliati: From First Olympic Snowboarding Champion to Cannabis Entrepreneur


Nagano 1998. The first Olympics to feature Men’s Giant Slalom in snowboarding. Ross Rebagliati was the winner of the gold medal, a 27-year-old Canadian and the pride on an entire country. Shortly thereafter, they took away his medal because he tested positive for marijuana in a doping test. Panic ensued and they snatched away everything he had worked for over the last four years. However, the medal was returned after an appeal because THC is not on the IOC’s list of banned substances. Now it is, although the World Anti-Doping Agency recently increased the threshold from 15 nanograms per millilitre to 150 ng/ml. According to them, it is only intended to sanction substance abuse and prevent cases like Ross’. But what kind of advantage do you gain over competitors by smoking weed?

One more step towards legalization in the US: the Government gives a green light to banks to operate with cannabis businesses


Cannabis entrepreneurs in the US are going to be spared occasional headaches. If to date they had to use McDonald’s bags to pay their employees and take precautions when moving large sums of money, they can now act just like any other business. That is, they may operate through banks, which in the past used to turn their backs on them in fear of reprisals. Yet another sign that the North American country is taking a firm step towards legalization.

DJ Short, the Willy Wonka of Pot


There are very few pictures of him hanging around the internet. No video. Despite his scarce public interventions- he is recently giving some seminars on breeding -DJ Short, the Willy Wonka of cannabis, is considered to be one of the best seed creators or breeders in America in the last forty years. However, he prefers to stay in the background; his legend speaks for him, it was not in vain that he is the creator of the mythical Blueberry and the whole Blue family in the 80s and 90s.

Ten opinion leaders who support marijuana legalization


Uruguay, Colorado and Washington have returned cannabis legalization to the discussion table. At the same time, surveys in the United States begin to show that the majority of Americans support legalizing marijuana. Citizens express their position anonymously but ... Who are the most influential people who have dared to defend marijuana in public?

CBD and Marijuana


The CBD, called cannabidiol is a cannabinoid naturally found in the plant species Cannabis sativa.L or marijuana. It’s more abundant in industrials Hemp varieties. Unlike the well-known THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and it´s use in medical applications can be very interesting since it causes an anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting the signals related to pain. It is also known that the effects of CBD vary, by using different ratios of THC and CBD, the psychoactivity can be modulated.

Ten health problems that can be treated with the right variety of cannabis


Unfortunately, medical cannabis has no legal status in Spain, so if you wish to enjoy the well-studied benefits of this plant for the treatment of a large number of diseases and conditions, there is no choice but to medicate yourself. In order to do this, you have two options: you may go to a good supplier (fortunately, Spain begins to produce its own supply thanks to the courageous private cannabis cultivators) or grow it yourself. In both cases, you should know the differences between the two main species of psychoactive Cannabis - Sativa and Indica- to choose the one that best suits your problem.

Ten songs to feel the weed


Music is the weed’s wife; the lover, the girlfriend and the bitch. They just have good vibe. Throw your exhausted body on the couch, choose an appropriate weed strain, roll the CDs, the vinyl, the cassettes, the mp3 file and turn it on. Musical monsoon without space nor time. Some songs in this article talk about her; others are the best to enjoy her. Common denominator: cannabis.  

Feast of Cannabis Cuisine: legalizing marijuana whets the appetite of Colorado’s people


"I’ve run out of it ", "It has flown off the shelves", "I can’t cope up with so many clients" ... These are some of the complaints that can now be heard at dispensaries in Colorado, where marijuana is legal for recreational use since January 1st of this year. As many had foretold, a real gold rush has untied around cannabis. The 20 or 30 clients who used to visit a medical dispensary have become some 1,500 daily buyers after legalization.

Secret diary of a cannabis vending machine


Hi, I’m a marijuana and hashish vending machine. I currently live in a Cannabis Smokers Association, in west Madrid. They are very nice people and for some reason they like me a lot. Every one of them, around 300, is part of a non-profit organization created for recreational and therapeutic marihuana use. I happen to keep all the stuff in my showcase of guts. Maybe that’s why I sometimes receive caring hugs. 

The 2011 marijuana crisis, a lesson for economies emerging from the black market


What did your grandma used to tell you? “Son, you learn from your mistakes”. How right she was... Often the only way to progress is to stumble, stand up and start from scratch by putting into practice the wise lessons learned. It even helps when the one making the mistake is not you. That is why it is so important to listen to those who tried it before us (those who succeeded, but also those who failed), so that we can replicate their victories and avoid their errors. 

Dinafem's Dinamex

Dinafem works to create quality strains, gathering special genetics from around the world. On this occasion, we crossed two famous Californian strains merging the flavors across the Atlantic in one of the most aromatic genetics.

Critical 2.0 Autoflowering

critical 2

Second generation of Critical + autoflowering . We backcrossed our Critical + autoflowering with our Critical + clone, winner of numerous competitions, famous for its impressive production and intense fruity skunk taste.

Dinafem's Blue Cheese

Blue cheese dinafem

Dinafem Blue Cheese was created with the intention to combine in a single strain the best qualities of his parents Blueberry and the UK Cheese. Prestigious strains respected within the international cannabis universe.

Dinafem's Blue Thai

blue thai de dinafem

Dinafem´s Blue Thai is a hybrid with great potential. It collects the complexity and quality of Thai genetics, as well as, the yielding and the stability of the Skunk.

Kush´n´Cheese - Flavor struggle USA vs. UK

FKush´n´Cheese - Flavor struggle USA vs. UK

Kush´n´Cheese - Flavor struggle USA vs. UK. The two most popular strains in the USA and UK for many reasons. The most important reason is that they produce special and intense flavors which leave no one indifferent.

Flavors with an overwhelming success in the respective markets and, therefore, they are two of the best selling strains in these countries. Its flavor and potency are the two main factors that users remember the most. These two strains are undeniable flavor queens. In Dinafem, we have tried to put together the two most popular flavors in the USA and UK, in a feminized seed, creating Kush´n´Cheese seed.

DINACHEM: Dinafem´s version of ChemDog

dinachem dinafem s version of chemdog

Dinafem´s version of ChemDog.ChemDog is a well-known strain, from the East to the West coast of North America.

Since it was created in 1991, ChemDog has stand out by itself among a large number of strains in the U.S. In fact, it is a top 10 best seller, year in and year out. The U.S. market is the most developed in the world. Since half of last century, the U.S. market has kept gathering and backcrossing seeds and strains from all over the world. In addition, for many years they have been creating cutting-edge genetics and ChemDog, the breeder, has stand out of the crowd for its work.

Moby Dick autoflowering


Dinafem´s Moby Dick has been Dinafem´s and many growers sweetheart since it was marketed. Everyone confirms that it is a unique strain in many ways. Well, now Dinafem has decided to develop its automatic version, bringing to the growers an autoflowering with a striking resemblance to its original no-auto version.

This weekend: Spannabis

spannabis 2012

This weekend it's time for Spannabis again! From Friday till Sunday hundreds of exhibitors will show their (newest) products and tens of thousands of people will come together in the congress center of Fira de Cornellá in Barcelona.

Cannabis Fairs: Dinafem's Agenda for 2012


Cannabis fairs are for us the perfect way to get in contact with our customers. In the past few years we have attended almost every big and small cannabis event around Europe and even worldwide. Every time we have met interesting growers and consumers who gave us tips and a lot of feedback. This is what makes us going so strong, so also in 2012 we will continue with visiting every cannabis event possible. Check out our '2012 fair agenda' and visit us at one or more of these cannabis events.

History of Autoflowering Seeds

FHistory of Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds start to flower automatically regardless the amount of light (sun) hours they get. This means autoflowering plants don't respond to the photoperiod, but start to flower when they reach a certain age. This unique trait gives autoflowering cannabis seeds several advantages over cannabis seeds which do respond to the photoperiod. These advantages made autoflowering seeds incredibly popular in the last few years. Although autoflowering seeds are relatively new on the market, of course they didn't come just out of nowhere.

10 Most Influential Legalization Groups

10 legalize

There are many organizations who fight the unreasonable 'War on Drugs'. Most of them are active on a national level and some of them are aiming for sensible drug policy on an international scale. Here's our list with the most influential legalization groups out there. All these groups really make a difference and they need and deserve all the support they can get.

Drying and curing of fresh cannabis buds

drying and curing

Harvesting a crop is for most cultivators the greatest moment of their grow. It's the time a grower can reap the fruits of his labor. But this is not the last step. Fresh cannabis contains about 75% water, which needs to be evaporated first before the buds can become a fantastic smoke. To get rid of this excess water, the buds need to be slowly dried and cured.

Weed Wars - Documentary about Medical Marijuana

FWeed Wars - Documentary about Medical Marijua

Last month the documentary 'Weed Wars' has been aired on US television about Medical Marijuana. In this four-part documentary the makers went inside the business of medical cannabis by following the daily life of Steve DeAngelo and his Harborside Health Center in Oakland.

10 Cannabis strains every grower should try at least once


Here we present our list of Top 10 cannabis strains we think every grower should have tried at least once. All these varieties had (and still have...) an incredible big influence on how the world of cannabis genetics looks like today.

Cannafest 2011, Prague, Czech Republic


This coming weekend Dinafem will be present again at Cannafest in Prague, Czech Republic. Visit our stand, profit from our special fair offer and maybe you will even win one of our big prizes which will be worth hundreds of euros in seeds.

Expocannabis Sur 2011, Malaga

FExpocannabis Sur 2011, Malaga

This coming weekend, April 29,30 and May 1st. We will be attending Expocannabis Sur 2011 in Malaga. This is the second year this trade show is going to be held in Malaga.

Autoflowering by Dreadybob for Weed World

FAutoflowering by Dreadybob for Weed World

For this issue, I am going to talk to you all about autoflowering plants. In May I was lucky enough to go to Spain and see some auto flowering plants for myself, thanks to Dinafem. They allowed me in to one of their seed rooms to see for myself their latest creation The Haze Automatic. Now, I was totally against feminised seeds to begin with and to be honest, still am. They are genetically bad and they are far from organic in the way they are produced. But some people are lazy and prefer them for ease of use and at present the market for seeds seems to be geared towards laziness. And then they bring out feminised automatic flowering varieties!!?? What am I supposed to make of that? Ha ha!! Well, with feminised seeds explained in another review within this magazine, I will stick to the auto flowering side of things and try to explain their uses, benefits and drawbacks.

The next step on autoflowering genetics: Haze Automatic rocks!

FThe next step on autoflowering genetics: Haze

The process of creating a new autoflowering strain, like the Haze Automatic. In this article you will find out how it was created, the carachteristics of this strain and what was taken into account in order to create a better autoflowering strain, with more aroma, taste and potency.

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