Dinafem’s top best 5 kush strains

  • The cannabis strains known to us as “Kush” are hybrids originating from the landrace strains native to the Hindu Kush mountain range.
  • Their unique traits, highly appreciated by growers, have captivated thousands of cannabis enthusiasts across the world.
  • If you are a Kush fan, here are five strains you definitely have to try.

The Hindu Kush is a 5,000-metre high Asian mountain range that stretches between Afghanistan and Pakistan, covering an area of nearly 1,000 kilometres. According to some palaeobotanists, this impressive mountain massif is not only the cradle of the so-called Kush strains, but also of the very cannabis plant.

Hash plants, too, are native to the Hindu Kush, were they were shaped by the local population for hash-making purposes. Everything changed, however, when in the 70's these strains were discovered by the American hippies that where travelling the hippie trail and who didn't hesitate to take the seeds with them on their journey back to the US.

Why were Kush strains so important?

When the young Americans that were spreading the peace and love message came back home, the seeds they brought with them proved to be real game-changers, as they allowed American growers to cross their favourite late-flowering Mexican and Colombian sativas, which didn't thrive particularly well in the not-hot-enough Californian climate, with the new strains from the Hindu Kush. As a result, they obtained amazing faster-flowering hybrids that have survived to this day.

Short description of Kush strains

The landrace strains native to the Hindu-Kush grow in valleys located at altitudes above 3,200 metres. Their shape stems from the plant's adaptation to the dry climatic conditions of the region, as a result of which Kush-dominant strains tend to be small, fast-flowering plants with high resin counts and a sedative effect. 

Fir-shaped, they produce dense, resinous, intensely aromatic buds - the dream of every cannabis connoisseur. Short in height, wide and stocky, the branches grow upwards, parallel to the thick, woody stem, creating a conical shape that reminds of a fir tree.

Now that you're more familiar with all things Kush, let's move on to our five recommendations for your garden!

When talking about Kush strains, one has to mention the most acclaimed Kush genetics of all time: Bubba Kush, a strain that is well-worth checking out regardless of the version - feminised, autoflowering and CBD.

Bubba Kush

Feminised and light-dependant for all school lovers

This gem was created in L.A during the '90s, when a grower named Bubba stumbled across her by pure chance. Increasingly popular since her creation, when the 'Bubba' frenzy was at its peak the buds sold for $8,000 per half a kilo.

Stemming from a Pre' 98 Bubba Kush elite clone, our Bubba Kush shows all the traits that turned Bubba Kush into the world's most acclaimed American genetics: a pronounced coffee and petrol aroma and a potent, sedative effect. Plus, as the stretch is really easy to handle, this compact, bushed-shaped plant is particularly well suited to small spaces.

Bubba Kush

Feminised Seeds

Bubba Kush Auto

For those who can't wait

If you are one of those people who only settle for the best, and you also happen to be an impatient grower, the autoflowering version of this potent strain and her podium-worthy traits may be just what you were looking for. In fact, our breeders managed not only to preserve the quality of the buds and that unique flavour that has earned the strain worldwide acclaim, but also to reduce the flowering period, meaning that Bubba Kush Auto completes her life cycle (from seed to harvest) in some 70-80 days.

The perfect choice for small urban balconies and for cold regions with short summers.

Bubba Kush Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds

Bubba Kush CBD

For those who seek a subtle effect

Like all good indicas, Bubba Kush delivers a sedative, narcotic effect, a very potent body high that could be defined as a night-time smoke, ideal for unwinding and for getting a good night's sleep. Some users, though, find this effect of relaxation a bit too overwhelming, and this is why we created a version that is rich in CBD, a cannabinoid that counteracts the potent effect of its antagonist THC. This resulted in subtler high that makes Bubba Kush CBD and its relaxing but moderate effect ideal for the less thrill-seeking.

Bubba Kush CBD

CBD Seeds

Purple Afghan Kush

For those who appreciate beauty

PAK is definitely our most beautiful and enigmatic strain, you just have to look at her wide leaves covered in breathtakingly elegant dark purple hues. The buds are dense, resinous and really good quality, filling the palate with the freshness of a tropical cocktail despite its Hindu Kush parentage.

Thanks to the high THC levels, Purple Afghan Kush gives a very potent body high that keeps you relaxed for a long time. Plus, it is great for medical use.

Easy-to-grow, she thrives well in dry, arid climates, requiring little watering as she is not affected by hot temperatures. Compact, bushy and short branched, her inconspicuous medium-sized morphology is perfect for small spaces and will kepp nosy neighbours at bay.

A charming plant that all cannabis devotees should try at least once in their lifetime. An absolute must have that will transport you straight to the far Hindu Kush valleys.

Purple Afghan Kush

Purple Afghan Kush

Feminised Seeds

Big Kush

For Kush lovers in need of a high yield

When our breeders embarked on this project, they set themselves the target of creating a hybrid that combined the best of two worlds: a Kush that grew and stretched like a sativa while yielding a high-quality bumper crop. And voila! After a long selection and breeding process, our Big Kush, a Big Skunk x OG Kush hybrid with deliciously lemony bumper crops, finally saw the light of day.

Contrary to the rest of this list, Big Kush is a medium-sized/big plant that can grow up to 3m in height. She has thin branches with quite wide internodal spacing and a low leaf-to-flower ratio, which makes trimming easier.

But that's not all, as her amazing flavour, a blend of lemon and petrol, is complemented by an effect that is extremely potent, definitely not for the uninitiated. In fact, her THC content of up to 20% delivers an intensely psychoactive high that hits the body and mind with perfect balance - it begins with brain stimulation and then evolves into a pleasant state of bodily relaxation.

Big Kush

Feminised Seeds


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