blue thai cannabis marijuana strain

Blue Thai: video

  • We’ve launched a new video on our Youtube channel, this time dedicated to one of our most complete marijuana varieties. Blue Thai, which combines the resistance and stability of its Thai Skunk mother with the flavour and speed of Blueberry, is a hybrid that proves that crossbreeding is the best way to achieve excellence.
blue thai cannabis marijuana strain

Fruit of the union between Blueberry and Thai Skunk emerges our Blue Thai, a Sativa/Indica feminised seed that combines the flavour and aroma of the former with the resistance of the latter.

As can be appreciated in the video, Blue Thai is a medium-sized plant that grows large, lush leaves. Its buds are large and extremely resinous and stand out thanks to their wide range of colours, from light green, almost beige, to turquoise, reminiscent of Blueberry.



Low. Although Thai genetics are sometimes difficult to cultivate, the skunk heritage of its Thai Skunk mother has managed to stabilise the entire branch of descendants meaning that Blue Thai is a variety that will not cause you any headaches. To this we should add its resistance to fungi and insect plagues, also inherited from Thai Skunk.

Good for outdoor growing

In fact, although Blue Thai is a variety suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing, its resistance to mould and disease makes it particularly adequate for outdoor growing in Europe, where the start of autumn often arrives early, bringing humidity and low temperatures.

Flowering and harvest

This variety has a short flowering period, making it possible to collect an abundant harvest of up to 400-450 g/m2 in just eight weeks. It is precisely the cold night-time temperatures outdoors that can cause Blue Thai to acquire its nice purple/violet tonalities inherited from Blueberry. If you want to achieve this same effect indoors, you just need to provoke a 10 °C difference of temperature between night and day. You will see how it works!

Some tips

Coconut fibre can help this variety to settle during the first stages, helping to reinforce the stalk and develop healthy leaves. That's why it is recommendable to use coconut throughout the growth period. If you're going to grow outdoors, in the ground, the plant will need a couple of weeks to adapt. In any event, we recommend that you add coconut to the hole in order to reduce stress to the plant.

Aroma and flavour:

Blue Thai has inherited its incredible range of flavours and aromas from Blueberry, making it a marijuana strain that is perfect for those who love fruity cannabis that makes you hungry. Those who have the chance to taste this variety can enjoy a delicious combination of citruses, exotic woods and berries, worthy of the best dessert.


Blue Thai has a high percentage of THC (13-16%), which means that its effect is quite powerful, though it won't completely knock you out. In fact, our committee of experts recommends it as a variety that lets you function with normality during the day. As it is an Indica/Sativa hybrid, its effect is both physical and mental. It starts with cerebral stimulation and ends with a pleasant feeling of long-lasting physical relaxation -some two hours. Its relaxing characteristics make it adequate for alleviating light pain and even for fighting the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.


• Suitable for indoors and outdoors

• Sex: feminised

• Genotype: Sativa/Indica

• Cross: Blueberry x Thaï Skunk

• Indoor flowering: 60 days

• Indoor harvest: beginning of October

• Indoor yield: 600 g/m2

• Outdoor yield: up to 700-800 g/plant

• THC: high(13-16%)

 • CBD: low


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