2018’s new strains: purple collection and a CBD-rich auto

  • New Purple collection: two cannabis strains with amazing visual appeal and launch of Dinamed CBD's autoflowering version
  • PURPLE MOBY DICK: our legendary whale dresses to the nines
  • PURPS #1: pretty Purple Afghan Kush finds a worthy opponent
  • DINAMED CBD AUTO: the fastest, easiest way to grow cannabidiol

The northern hemisphere's growing season has already started, and to mark this important time of the year we at Dinafem are launching 2018's first new strains: Purps #1,Purple Moby Dick and Dinamed Auto CBD, two purple genetics that are are set to delight those who appreciate the beauty of cannabis plants. Feminised, high-yielding, easy-to-grow, high in THC and low in CBD, these new seeds are now available on our website. And also the autoflowering version of Dinamed CBD, which allows you to grow high-quality cannabidiol easily in just 70 days.

Purple Moby Dick

The bumper crops, the extreme potency and the monstrous size of our legendary Moby Dick dress to the nines with this new strain. The benefits of the ravenous whale that put Dinafem Seeds on the global cannabis map have been kept intact, but with the added benefit of a colour richness that creates an amazing visual impact. Whether you'd like to rediscover this acclaimed strain or to grow a high-yielding, extremely potent cannabis plant, Purple Moby Dick is just right for you.

Morphologically imposing, this a huge plant that can reach up to three meters in height when grown outdoors. Profuse branches stretch outwards making for a wide diameter, while the purple hues of the upper, outer parts of the plant put on an awe-inspiring visual show. Given her size, she requires large amounts of sunlight, water, fertilizer and space, so be prepared for a voracious appetite. In return, she is highly resistant to fungi.

Flowering in about 70 days, Purple Moby Dick produces bumper crops with a high cannabinoid content - up to 21% TCH when grown in favourable conditions. Sweet, fruity notes complement Moby Dick's classic piney flavour. Effects are potent, euphoria-inducing, cerebral and long-lasting.

Purple Moby Dick

Purple Moby Dick

Purps #1

Indica-dominant, medium-sized and open in structure, Purps #1 is a relaxing, intensely fruity strain that stands out for her colour richness, to the point that her beauty overshadows pretty Purple Afghan Kush - which is no surprise whatsoever, as she has been specifically created for those who prioritise beauty and enjoy fruity flavours.

Indica-leaning in terms of appearance, the relatively open structure and the vigorous growth are more sativa-like. Purps #1 will realise her full potential with just some basic care, producing generous purple crops rich in THC. To top it off, hues of violet bathe her wide leaves lending her a mysterious air, particularly in the last days of flowering - Purps #1 flowers for 60 days.

Together with the colour, also worth mentioning is the organoleptic profile, as it is a unique blend of fruity flavours that differs widely from other strains' aromas. The effect provides deep body and mind relaxation, and is not particularly cerebral or long-lasting despite the high THC content.

Purps#1 Dinafem

Purps #1

Dinamed CBD Auto

Last year we launched Dinamed CBD, our first feminised, pure CBD, totally stable strain, and now we'd like to introduce you to her autoflowering version. With a cannabidiol content of almost 14 per cent, virtually non-psychoactive - the THC content is less than 1 per cent - and highly therapeutic thanks to her high CBD level, this autoflowering version makes CBD accessible to all types of growers.

We mean all because, as a rule, no previous experience is required to get a successful crop. Autoflowering strains are easier to grow than feminised strains and Dinamed CBD Auto is no exception. In fact, her easy-to-grow nature is her main advantage over Dinamed CBD, requiring less care and growing faster than her predecessor.

Plenty of direct light, a pot with a capacity of at least seven litres, abundant soil and constant, nutrient-rich watering is all this cannabidiol-rich plant needs to grow healthy. Also, thanks to her life cycle of 60-70 days, she can be harvested in high summer - if germinated by the end on May in the northern hemisphere.

Dinamed Autoflowering CBD

Dinamed CBD Autoflowering


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